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# 1Fused Jun 25 2009, 02:59 AM
A couple of weeks ago, the E3 Expo gaming convention took place. Now that the veritable storm of information has died down we are pleased to bring you an overview of the interviews, demos and all the juicy details that can be gleamed from them regarding the upcoming release of the hotly anticipated Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward arrived at E3 intending to push out information on the single player and a little about the ‘Special Ops’ co-op mode, however they refused to comment on the multiplayer aspect of the game. A mission named ‘Cliffhanger’, set in the Tian Shan mountain range in northern Kazakhstan was presented for this E3 outing.

The first major gameplay unveiling took place at the Microsoft Press Conference. The link leads you to a play-through for a live audience and features cut-out sections. This stream is recommended if you just want a quick preview of the gameplay.

The community manager at Infinity Ward, Robert ‘Four-two-zero’ Bowling, then gave various interviews to G4tv.com and Gamespot.com. The interviews are interspersed with gameplay footage from the mission.

First interview for G4tv, the day after the Microsoft Press Conference.

The Gamespot Interview features a full play-through of ‘Cliffhanger’ and is the longest, uncut footage available at this time. If you only watch one of these, make it this one.

The second G4tv interview is the shortest, but features a few further gameplay confirmations, however no in-game footage is shown which is not already available elsewhere.

Direct feed gameplay footage
Pure gameplay video, this features no interview - just a full play through the mission, sans the ice-climbing intro. This is ideal if you want to hear the game sound effects and character communications more clearly.

While much of E3 has simply further confirmed our suspicions and guesses from previous information, there are few new points we can add to the ever-growing list that will help us understand how MW2 is shaping up.

The cherry on top for Infinity Ward’s E3 outing was their acceptance of the world record for the 'Most Played Xbox Live game', with over 1.3 million people logging on to join the fragfest. The guys accepted their award at Activision's booth on 2nd June.

IPB Image
Courtesy of Flickr

The award will be listed in the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition 2010, to be released early next year.

The CoD4 staff here at GR have been poring over each and every piece of footage released from E3 in order to compile an ongoing list of the things we can expect from MW2. We will be publishing this factfile very soon, so stay tuned and watch this space for the latest news on MW2!

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# 2Shadow_Elite Jun 25 2009, 10:08 AM
WOW Fantastic! w00t.gif just over 4 months away for the release for this game and I seriously can't wait for it to be released drol.gif

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# 3Tuberculosis Jun 25 2009, 16:14 PM
Meh. I'm not too impressed.

The entire thing was basically AI scripted and lackluster sleep.gif .

Aside from it snowing and the HUD being on the weapon there's nothing special about it.
So I'll pass on the fanboi craze.

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