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Promodlive v2 Released

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# 1Fused Jul 21 2009, 10:37 AM
A few weeks ago an announcement was made, heralding the imminent arrival of Promodlive's successor, Promodlive v2. This was officially released three days ago, amid considerable consternation from the community regarding chosen release date. With more LAN events just around the corner, the timing of this mod threw things up in the air as players scrambled to find out exactly what versions the LAN organizers would choose to run. It has since been confirmed that both Outpost on Fire 3 and The eXperience 09 will use the new version.

The mod is built on the original Promodlive v1 written by Carlisle, and features no major gameplay changes - only bug fixes and UI improvements.

Promodlive v2
  • Fully functional shoutcaster overlay for all resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Class loadouts are preserved in the rank file
  • Class related binds
  • Enhanced client- and server-security
  • Small changes/improvements to the hud and menus
  • Players left-HUD is rebuilt and therefore it is possible to get rid off for those nice-looking frag-movies
  • Full Hardcore-mode support, including support for all gametypes, HC mode will also use cook-nades
  • Red enemy crosshair glitch through smoke fixed
  • Added a strat mode (promod_mode strat) with nadetraining possibility, similar to AM4PAM
  • Client-side scorebot functionality implemented, similar to the PAM4 scorebot.
  • Disabled ammo-sharing between SMG and M9 Beretta, as well as reduced weapon switch on M16
  • All taunt sounds have been removed
The current release version is Promodlive v2.02 RC2 which we can expect to be updated over the new few days as minor bugs are cleared up. You can download v2.02 RC2 here.

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# 2Witchking' Jul 22 2009, 05:52 AM
Added a strat mode (promod_mode strat) with nadetraining possibility, similar to AM4PAM

That's really pro.

What did they mean with the "taunt sounds"?

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# 3Rogram Aug 5 2009, 14:50 PM
The shouts that you hear at the beginning of the round and the sounds that idiots hammering "Roger" make.

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