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Result submission tutorial - how to post your games

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# 1OnkelSam Aug 17 2009, 18:26 PM
All tournament replays must be uploaded to the Replays Section and bbcode linked in your game thread. After the round is played, decide amongst yourselves as to who will upload the replays. Follow the tutorial below for detailed instructions. After the replays are up and linked, both winning players must also upload their Screenshotter Packs to the match thread.

A good example from a previous tourney. You can see the topic being created before the game to give feedback about the meeting, one of the player posting the replays on the Replays Section after the game, and both player from the winning team posting the Screenshotter Packs.

How to bbcode link replays

You can either watch the tutorial video, which shows the complete process of submitting your results or read the text version below.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

You need to create your own topic in the CoH Tournament XXIII Game Topics & Result Submission. The thread title has to contain the round number and the match-up (e.g. R1: TeamA vs TeamB). For Group Stage, also add the letter of the group before the round. (e.g. A-R1: TeamA vs TeamB or F-R1: TeamC vs TeamD where A and F are two different groups.)

Please also use this thread to communicate with your opponent and the referees. Keep it updated between the games, so that the referees know if your games take longer than expected.

But most importantly, you need to post the BBCode links to your replays to report the results after you have finished your matches. Uploading your replays to the Replay section is quite simple. Here are detailed instructions on how to do it:

1. Go to the Replays Section and "Upload" your replay (blue button on the right).

2. For the title of the replay, please enter the Round and Game info in this format, followed by the competitors (e.g. R2G1: Team Relic vs. Team GameReplays). Also add the letter of the group before the round if it is a Group Stage replay (e.g. A-R2G1: Team Relic vs. Team GameReplays).

3. Follow the other steps to Upload your replay.

4. After you click the green "+Upload" button, you will then be shown your replay page:
Attached Image
The red arrow points to your replay number, in this case, 92215

5. When you post to declare yourself the winner in your thread here in the tourney forums, simply include your replays like this:


And we get the ever so lovely:

After the replays are uploaded and linked in your game thread, the winners must upload their Screenshotter Packs. This program is provided and described in the pinned Anti-Cheating Requirements topic.

How to Attach A Screenshotter Pack

Below the edit area, use the "File Attachments->Browse" button to find the pack and click "Add This Attachment" to include it in your post.

Repeat this operation for the pack of 2nd game.

It is not necessary to click the "Add into Post" button, as the posting interface will include the files automatically at the end. You still can use that button if you want to include it somewher in the middle of the text.

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