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# 1Do-Not-Rename-Me Aug 27 2009, 23:14 PM
Gas Powered Games has not let out much about their upcoming title Supreme Commander 2. However, recently a short demo was available for developers to play at Gamescom. IGN's Steve Butt thought that Supreme Commander 2 was still very similar to the original title, but also quite different at the same time.

"Many things from the original are still there. You still control a gigantic robot to build your initial base. You can still queue up build orders when setting down mass extractors, generators, and land factories to fuel production of and build units." Steve said. "It's still possible to zoom way out until you can see the entire map, though in this case the map was rather small, resembling more of a Demigod map than something out of the original game. When you're zoomed out, units are still labeled with little symbols that help distinguish what is what, an important factor when a whole bunch of units are bunched together."

He also added that Supreme Commander 2 will offer a much better console experience, with an all new camera system and control layout compared to the last ones which didn't quite work in Supreme Commander.

IPB Image

The way the player defends his base has also changed: instead of the original style of building numerous different structures to support and defend the base, the player can now build shields and guns directly on his factories in addition to being able to set up the regular point and air defenses.

"The new system was an attempt to make the first and second tier techs and early units more meaningful towards the end of the game." Chris Taylor from Gas Powered Games said. "Rather than simply racing for this highest units in the tech tree and using those, the incremental boosts to your lower level units will give them a chance to stay competitive on the battlefield."

Also, GameTrailers.com recently posted a short video preview from Gamescom, check it out below:

Unfortunately, there was no news concerning release dates, other in-game features, or multiplayer. But be sure to keep checking back in, as more news is expected to be released soon.

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