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[#2][1.0]skrilla (P) vs Nova (P)

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# 1Flopjack Feb 23 2010, 06:46 AM
skrilla beings this match off with an aggressive 'proxy Pylon' with the intent of bringing his Zealot production close and personal. Through an early and drawn out skirmish, Nova begins to take the upper hand with neither player setting up an expansion a healthy amount of time into the game. Finally, things begin to take shape as the battle grows and proceeds and by the end we find out that a Pylon started everything and a different one ended it. Check out these Pylons now!

Pardon the sirens in the background!

Part 1 (75mb)

Part 2 (33mb)

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# 2PANCZASU Feb 24 2010, 16:53 PM
Is it just me, or the videos are not yet uploaded? huh.gif

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# 3plzdiekthxbye Feb 24 2010, 18:18 PM
Interesting match. I already saw red going down in the beginning, but he did defend quite neat. One of the best matches I've seen so far.

Oh and of course well done Flopjack, really like your casts. "Ninja Pylon" biggrin.gif

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# 4tanathos Feb 24 2010, 22:20 PM
I just watched your two replays. They're very enjoyable! I hope you make a lot more to satiate us poor souls without the Beta.

On the match itself : while it's apparent that the players are still finding their ways about in this new game, this was still well played by red.

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# 5The Oracle Feb 25 2010, 00:43 AM
Great game there, btw, I really apreciate you taking the time to explain basics and terms to those of us that never played more than a few hours of SC1.

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# 6jmillerdls Feb 25 2010, 21:27 PM
Fantastic...you're going to be a legend if you keep this up.

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# 7Cadia Feb 25 2010, 22:26 PM
Excellent work mate.

I'd say it would be worth keeping an eye on resource usage...Blue was floating heavily near the start considering he was going for a proxy. Also try and commentate more on the tech choices.

But honestly these are just small criticisms because I think you did a fantastic job especially considering how short this beta has been out and the fact it is a beta.

Look forward to more biggrin.gif

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# 8purpose Feb 26 2010, 18:57 PM
The Blue toss was stupied tbh. He should not have lost that, ever!!

First of you cant cashfloat if you 2 gate proxy. Second if he want to go for the kill he should have brought 2 probes, that way the opponent have to micro and cant attack move.

At the end of that battle, he had what....5 zeals vs 0 and he gets them all killed by attacking a building cannon and not the cannon thats up.

He should have stayed out of range, taken down the gateways so that red could not just build a pylon to support them.

Second, he had bigger army most of early game, but was so chicken to attack. Red did a good job going hit and runs, until he had bigger army and just whiped him.

Also if you 2 gate proxy and cash float 2k.......jeez, he should have teched or expanded so he was ahead when it failed. Now that he did not he should have smashed up gateways, expanded or teched with those money. He did something in between that did not put him ahead.

Red did a good job but he also should have used the probes when he was rushed like that.

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# 9HexDragoon Mar 5 2010, 11:42 AM
Very GG wp by both, AWESOME cast keep it up especially about SC basics

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# 10class1c Mar 9 2010, 02:52 AM
amazing casts, thanks for getting them up! way more informative than your last one tongue.gif

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# 11Dom_0.IRL Mar 12 2010, 21:36 PM
As a non starcraft player I have to thank you for taking the time to explain to us n00bs whats going on. Makes it so much more enjoyable.

Would love to see more replays.

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# 12Xenith Mar 14 2010, 03:09 AM
Do a T cast man.

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# 13tSun Mar 15 2010, 18:47 PM
Mediocre GP imo, macro was rlly bad but overall they had a decent sense of strategy.

Commentary was good though, ur not day9 yet but theres some potential, you have a good voice but the fluency is soso.

Keep it up

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# 14Flopjack Mar 16 2010, 08:10 AM

QUOTE(Xenith @ Mar 13 2010, 23:09 PM) *
Do a T cast man.
I've been trying for days. I got some kind of bug where I can't watch replays right now. Trying to fix it. post-13661-1143531603.gif

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