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Gamereplays is hiring Strategy Specialists!

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# 1Ninjabutter Mar 9 2010, 20:42 PM
The Gamereplays.org Dawn of War 2 section is always on the lookout for new staff members, particularly Strategy Specialists. A Strategy Specialist normally only represents one game faction, though if you have sufficient knowledge of multiple races then you can be hired on for more than one if you wish. Strategy Specialists are skilled, experienced players who know the inner workings of the game and the specific details of whichever race they are hired on to represent, using that knowledge to help new players in the forums, produce content such as replay packs, strategy guides, and tips of the week, and post quality replays to show other gamers how it's done.

You do not have to be an expert at the game to be a Strategy Specialist, you just need to know enough about it to be able to fulfill your expectations. Strategy Specialists also serve as forum moderators, but only in the Strategy forums; they do not generally moderate in the General Discussion forums.

In exchange for their time, Strategy Specialists have access to a multitude of staff forums and special events, and often have access to new features on Gamereplays and information from Relic before the regular community does. They also gain moderation powers and the shiny blue badge shown here:

IPB Image
IPB Image

If you have an interest in becoming a Strategy Specialist for any faction in the game, contact 5*General via PM. Please do not reply in this thread with applications! It will probably take me quite some time to see it.

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# 2Dullahan Oct 31 2011, 20:19 PM
As a bit of addendum slash update to this, I'd like it if potential applicants would read the following. Because the past dozen or so people whom I've recruited to the position have failed to fulfill their duties, I'm changing the process a little bit. If you are interested in becoming a strategy specialist here's what you need to do.

Be helpful in the strategy forums, review people's replays and give them advice, suggest build orders, strategies and tactics for people to use, hell you can even write your own guides (and if you'd like, you can send them to myself and we can even work to feature it as a piece of content on the portal. In fact, at this point I'm only willing to accept applicants who have atleast written a guide or two only. It seems that too often that we get applicants who are good at the game, but aren't cut out for a position that is actually primarily a writing role. I don't care if you're great at the game, what I care about is that you understand how it works and are willing and capable of producting content to help other people learn various aspects of the game.

And once on staff, there are a few requirements. I expect every Strategy Specialist to produce atleast one Tip of the Week every 3 weeks. I expect every Strategy Specialist to honestly try (I'm lenient on this because I know how much work goes into it) to produce a full guide once every month. Longer time is obviously allowed for more extensive guides, but the general idea is I want you to be working on content on a regular basis, even if you're not pumping out guide after guide week by week as long as you're steadily producing content that will eventually be finished I'll be a happy camper. And of course, all Strategy Specialist are expected to help players out in the War Room, in addition to some basic moderation duties. (The details of which will be explained to you if you're accepted into the position)

So in summary

-Be active in the War Room
-Write guides and send them to me
-TOTW every 3 weeks
-Guide every month
-Continue being awesome

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