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StarCraft 2

Grid keys for Starcraft 2.

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# 1Manez0r Mar 11 2010, 12:49 PM
Found these Gridkeys for SC2 From Cloaked.cloaked on the bnet forum http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topic...58&sid=5000

(had started to make em myself, but boy what a hassle >.<)


I've uploaded a zip file with the qwert grid hotkeys. Inside is a readme with simple instructions on how to install:

I just grabbed the German shortcuts, and pasted them into the english file. Had to switch Z/Y too though, because those letters are swapped on the German keyboard. Basically this will change all your in-game hotkeys to:

Please don't forget to sign this thread in the suggestion forum to show your support for grid layout as a default option:

(edited to update file link)

Edit: Some dude at TL.net has made a really nice guide how to custimize your own key mapping WITHOUT the really annoying bug ingame. Follow the link and do as the guide tell you.

Worked wonders for me.


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# 2-Netput Mar 11 2010, 14:02 PM
thanks, i am sure tons of people will find this very useful!

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# 3KiF1rE Mar 11 2010, 17:06 PM
figure id try asking here again, i asked in the other thread about this... people say other versions have gridkeys like the german one, etc.. do they also have the english ones?

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# 4Shadowfury333 Mar 11 2010, 18:50 PM
From what has been shown, all non-english versions (not sure about enGB vs. enUS, please let us know Jobbies) have gridkeys.

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# 5Warhawk Mar 11 2010, 21:27 PM
Dang why not have a standard OPTION for grid keys in English versions.

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