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Petroglyph Gaming Series launched!

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# 1Perfi Mar 28 2010, 11:11 AM
There will be a new gaming series for Universe at War soon, called the PGS - Petroglyph Gaming Series. Unlike the ConquerorCups, these will run for a very long time each. Even if you don't want to be competitive, they are good for just getting games, which is the idea behind them.

How will they work?

Everyone who signs up are put into divisions, but let's just say there's one division only for now (which there only will be if not a lot of people sign up). People of the same division will play vs everyone else in the same division, so everyone plays everyone. People will play at the same time vs their opponents, once every week at Sunday 13:00 CET. (the time will change if the majority wants a new time, but this is the time the "beta" season 0 will use).

So if there are 10 people, it will take five weeks, since everyone will play everyone in their division once. A win gives 3 points, a draw gives 1 ( if no one shows up. More on that later ) and a loss gives 0. After everyone has played everyone in a best of 3, the four players with the most score will play vs each other in a bracketed play-off. We want to add prizes to this in the future, but for the first season it will just be for fun (and testing).

Why should you take part in this?

Well, if you're sick of waiting a long time to find a game, and just want to have a time when you know you can get some games of Universe at War, this is your chance. If you miss a game, your opponent will just get a free win and everything will go on.

In the PGS thread (there will be one for each season) you will see current standings, who is going to play against whom, and it will also be the place to report the results. Remember to save replays of every game you play. This is very important!

The first test season will start on Sunday April 4. If you are interested, sign up with your gamer tag in this thread. Even if you will only play a few games, as long as you want to sign up, go ahead and do it.

How will it work?

Every Sunday 13:00 CET, players will contact each other, either via PM's or in the IRC channel #PGS on the server Coldfront. If there are too many players for one division, they will be split into two separate ones. The three players with the most points from division 2 will go to division 1, and the three players with the least points from division 1 will go to division 2.

How is it decided who gets the free win?

The person who shows up in the IRC channel and identifies as that player will get it.

Is it OK to join even if I will just play when I feel like it?


Is it OK to change the time of the game if both players agree?

As long as the game is played and reported before the next week's game, yes. However, if your opponent does not agree to it, you must play at the standard time. Since something can come up (like a relative's birthday for example) every player gets two wildcards. Handing in these by telling an admin and announcing it on the forums will let you play at another time. If you can not agree on a time with the other player, a wildcard will result in a draw.

Discuss the Petroglyph Gaming Series and sign up!

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# 2verdi Mar 31 2010, 21:13 PM
yey biggrin.gif gogo sign up!!

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