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Video on Demand: uW|rich VS korean_pro (Nanox)

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# 1Kibatsu Apr 21 2010, 19:28 PM
Discussion topic for Nanox' uW|rich VS korean_pro Video on Demand.

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# 2Glory_to_the_Vatherland Apr 27 2010, 12:56 PM
Really good VoD! The accent adds a nice touch tongue.gif. You kept on top of the game really well and remained enthusiastic. I liked how you talked about teching and eco, which I usually miss/forget in my VoDs tongue.gif.
Well done

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# 3Nanox_WTF Apr 27 2010, 13:56 PM
ty smile.gif

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# 4Barrogh Jun 1 2011, 16:49 PM
Sadly, I hadn't a chance to watch it, but I would like to ask, is it possible to get a link to a replay or something?

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