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Soviets And Alies Strat.

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# 1MoiGex May 22 2010, 20:17 PM
sup guys i wanna ask:
i have partner He play soviets and i am sometimes allies so i wanna know any good strats for this factions working Together.
i know Orbital drop and Cyrogeddon is Work Pretty Good.
Any Tips?

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# 2psychoturtle May 23 2010, 19:21 PM
QUOTE(MoiGex @ May 22 2010, 20:17 PM) *

sup guys i wanna ask:
i have partner He play soviets and i am sometimes allies so i wanna know any good strats for this factions working Together.
i know Orbital drop and Cyrogeddon is Work Pretty Good.
Any Tips?

someone told me about this but I cant remember and I already knew about it...
land your planes in his airfield so you can build more. idk if it works I think I tried it

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# 3Corrie May 28 2010, 00:25 AM
Cryo rush plus fast Wf

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# 4MasterJacey Aug 29 2011, 00:35 AM
3 or 4 allied big bombers will destroy a mcv

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# 5collins254 Sep 10 2011, 08:12 AM
well there are quite a few good allied and soviet strats that work well. Depends on if your playing a fast or long game.
In a long game if you get the chance, dropping 16 tesla troopers out of 4 sentry bombers is pretty funny, tesla IFV's also great combo, or disguise a spy as one of your conscripts and run into enemy tank coloumn and bribe away.
running an allied engineer with soviet infantry for healing combined with good health on your units.
Kirovs backed up by apollo's can be quite nasty, chronoshpere appocolypse tanks works well, using a cryocopter to shrink a terror drone for even greater speed.
and if you can pull it off, get say 5 or 6 spies, disguise as the enemy unit whos base you want to hit, load em up onto twinbades and drop into the middle of their base, they will usually be too busy shooting at choppers to notice the units infiltrating their power and mcv etc...
also guardian tanks with high technology upgrade laser pointing for appoc tanks or soviet armor in general.

theres probably loads more but they work well from what i have used.

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# 6StormGeneralX Jan 17 2012, 14:41 PM
Back to general, I believe that a human team mate is better than AIs because you can actually work together. What I believe is that during the beginning, one player should focos on teching, while the other should focus on expanding. Expanding provides map control (extremely inportant) and teching means better army (doubtless, important). As I said, human teammates are better coz of working together. A good strategy to pull off would be one side attacking from land while the other takes the sea (I personally recommend the Allies to go for sea and Soviets for land.

This is a general tip. Combinations are PLENTIFUL. You can unload Natasha AND Tanya out of a Twinblade.

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# 7JonnyKnows Feb 14 2012, 03:43 AM
S+A basically has immunity to cheese builds, while still having the capacity to use some devastating ones themselves.

Tips are going to be simple enough, help wear down your ally's opponent forces while defending your own front line effectively.

You can use guardian tanks to improve his armies effectiveness.
And cryo's to support his army when he pushes.

In A+S you should focus on supporting him more than focusing on your own enemy.

Allies lack big time in team games due to lacking mid game forces.
More times than not, your soviet ally will have a solid army and you won't.
Not until later, basically your style should revolve around enhancing the soviet players strength, thus being capable of pushing earlier and harder.

A+S is pretty much just a solid team, no lack in defensive play or offensive, but no major advantages either.

Unlike A+A where allied players can freeze mcv's in midgame.
And double cryo shot can take out warfactories and such. Cryo+orb drop sounds wasteful imo. But I suppose A+S would also be strong against turret spammers because of these abilities.

Of course A+S can cheese very well too, remember how many wins we had from sickle spam all in + cryo rush?

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# 8w3rk Oct 24 2013, 18:55 PM
4 baraks rush vs 1 opponent biggrin.gif

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