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Empire at War

Mike Legg on modding!

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# 1Hierarchy Muk Jan 20 2006, 23:17 PM
Well I've been waiting till something REALLY good came around and here it is; the first words on MODing Empire At War and it's file structure.

It appears that Zach Barth managed to figure out the entire system the files are ordered. He made the first tools for Empire At War!

Empire At War Extractor

He explains on technical difficulties dot com how stuff is constructed. We'll be hosting these files soon at EAW.org as well, as soon as I get permission from the author!

Zach made also a new mission with these tools as a demonstration. It lets you play one mission as the Imperials with units previously not included in the demo!

Zach Barths demonstration MOD

Mike Legg, lead programmer and president of Petroglyph, shared a word with me about modding. He mentioned that this file structure MIGHT also remain the same in the Final version of the game, with the eye on modding! He pointed out to some cool mods fans have been making already.

With an extractor already out BEFORE the game's launch, this is definatly going to get us some cool stuff! To be continued without any doubt ...

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# 2Hierarchy Muk Jan 21 2006, 16:30 PM
Just got word from both Mike Legg and Frank Klepacki that the demo is an older build of the game and that it doesn't even contain half of the stuff we're going to see in the full version! w00t! Expect a lot of fixes and even more options / AI in the full version ... Frank even mentioned that he couldn't wait for the full version to get to the fans since he's realy curious to know how people gonna like that (since most of us already are obsessed with the demo hehe)

Ain't that awesome news? smile.gif We're affiliated now with Zach Barth, so expect updates on his editing tools as soon as they come available!!

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