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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Men of Dale

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# 1ManOfDale Jul 12 2010, 14:20 PM

I'm a relatively new player and I love the Dwarves. The Men of Dale are my fave unit but I seem to be using them in the wrong matchups. Please explain everything there is to know about Men of Dale. Also note that right now I'm playing offline in skirmish mode.

Thanks ahead of time!!!

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# 2angelsfan Jul 12 2010, 22:12 PM
Men of Dale are not required in any Dwarven matchups by any means, however they can be very useful against Isengard and possibly Men of the West. Mordor as well if they have monster units. And of course you want them if the opponent has a flying unit.

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Game: Battle for Middle Earth 2

# 3Calanar Jul 13 2010, 21:30 PM
Substitute MotW with goblins, more emphasis on can and you made a point.
Cool units, but they dont really fit in the faction and you basically only get them to counter fliers if the MoD summon doesnt cut it, mumakills or extremely late game against wel, any faction really. Perhaps not elves...

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