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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Dwarf counters for early Elven heros

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# 1NeptunianEmp Jul 23 2010, 23:19 PM
I Was playing Forlindon against this one person playing elves. I used the dwarven mine rush and had two guardians. To my suprise Arwen came out and crushed half of one unit. While I was trying to recover, he sent out his lorine archers and crushed my forces. That was the deciding factor of the game, since I could not counter attack from another side. What should I do if this ever comes up?

Plus how can I post a replay on this site, that would show me getting crushed and my tactical mistakes.

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# 2Crabby Lobster Jul 24 2010, 01:28 AM
Just build a pike, they are strong against both Haldir and Arwen. One phalanx will beat either of them 1v1 I think.

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# 3Calanar Jul 24 2010, 02:49 AM
Sounds more like you started that rush to late, rather then arwen beeing the problem here smile.gif

Btw, in order to post a replay on this forums, you first need to find your replays folder. It should be under your harddrive, normally c:/, your username -> application data -> bfme2 folder, then the replay folder in there. You then find your saved replays.

From that points, you simply attach teh replay you want to show to your post smile.gif
Hope it helps

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# 4NeptunianEmp Jul 24 2010, 18:20 PM
That may have been the case, Im not too good at 1v1 maps. The Guy had six of those reasorce trees (I sadly have a bad memory for the building names) and had just build a barracks. He then killed my first attack with archers and arwen. I looked in my files and did not find a replay folder, would it be in another folder?

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# 5Jase Jul 24 2010, 19:10 PM
Calanar was correct but you need to create a new folder called "Replays" unfornately you won't be able to get that replay now as you didn't have this folder already created. Create this folder inside the Bfme 2 folder where Calanar stated & you can then get reps & post them from that folder.

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