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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Helms Deep Morning Light 2v4 Map

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# 1NeptunianEmp Jul 24 2010, 18:25 PM
I have played Helms Deep Morning light 2v4 map a lot and the only way I have beat it was when the opposing players were kicked from the game. Whenever I try to demolish the gate with a demolisher the enemy heros always kill it. Is there another way to get in to Helms deep and beat the opposing players without waiting for their comps to lag?

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# 2Jase Jul 24 2010, 19:11 PM
Catapults maybe?

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# 3NeptunianEmp Jul 24 2010, 20:45 PM
tried that, they have artillery firing back at us. Plus the demolisher only works on the gate, not the sections of walls. Same goes for catapults i think.

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# 4-DuneCat- Aug 7 2010, 08:05 AM
Well I would say to blow up the wall, but you are the dwarves, not Isengard biggrin.gif

Couldn't you do some kind of combination of the two? such as to send in a decoy unit like Gaurdians to draw fire, and then send in the demolisher, or send in multiple demolishers. On the other hand just fortress spam the bridge and take a nap biggrin.gif

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