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Are rhino units usefull
0.00% (0)
35.00% (7)
55.00% (11)
10.00% (2)
Entirly useless
How should the rhino be modded
30.00% (6)
choice 1, increace rate of fire
50.00% (10)
choice 2, shockwave deals more damage and causes more stat reduction
15.00% (3)
no change
5.00% (1)
get rid of the rhino

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# 21Sammyyyy May 8 2011, 10:29 AM
Rhino also can hit any target all the time thumb.gif
imo, used behind a line of other units/turrets, one or 2 rhino's can actually do okay. Too many ppl try to place them on the front line because of their big reflective dozer and shockwave. But yea they are still a bit UP I think tongue.gif

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Game: Command and Conquer 4

# 22Comp_Lex May 8 2011, 15:41 PM
What do you guys think about my idea about the Rhino?

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# 23Sammyyyy May 8 2011, 22:27 PM
used vs spectres, good idea. Most ppl just go juggers, so would be interesting to see how rhino's would match up smile.gif

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Game: Command and Conquer 4

# 24Incia May 9 2011, 04:35 AM
According to testing Rhinos only slow + unburrow. Spectres would still remain stealth.

And catching fast units with a slow Heavy unit that needs to deploy isn't that awesome post-13661-1143531603.gif

But, hmm... maybe they could be something like Node capturer?
Like on Blood and Sand.
Have 1 Rhino deployed on the 'friendlyzone'.
Then they can't sneak and catch it with a single burrowed scorpion or something...

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# 25ZodiacHeadlock May 12 2011, 17:36 PM
I only noticed recently while mucking about that Rhinos have the same 'range bug' that the specter and underminer have. Only difference being the Rhino's shots actually track the targets while the Nod units don't. I think that makes the juggernaut the only ground artillery unit that doesn't track targets. I would say this may be fair thanks to the nasty damage from sticky bombs, but it still outclasses the Rhino. The Rhino is probably more an equivalent to the Aftershock than the Specter or Underminer. It hits hard and with perfect accuracy, but it's RoF is pathetic and it takes an age and a half to deploy. And it works better at close range than long, so it would be good for defending tib drops in the late game and can also defend itself from Basilisks with the Reflective Dozer. Hijackers are probably the biggest threat to Rhinos than anything else...

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# 26Mr. Commander Jul 27 2011, 02:46 AM
@Sammyyy Your idea would work if you knew that there was an army coming to your area and it dosen't have any hijackers or a legless commando and you have a minute to prepare. This is technically an ambush.

@ZodiacHeadlock Hijackers are so common nowadays that you would see at least 5 of them in every match.

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# 27thepeip Jul 28 2011, 07:43 AM
but defense is the best way to counter hijackers and commandos.

a couple of zone enforcerer and thats it. but u will be vulnerable to the rest of the remaining nod units ^^.

the best way to counter specters is hunters + spanners.

they cant get away from you.

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