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Witch Slayer Guide

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# 1Lord Zod Dec 4 2010, 12:44 PM
Witch Slayer guide

Leave your comments about this guide here.

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# 2Witchking' Dec 4 2010, 16:12 PM
Don't know ... but this guide is quite superficial.

- No mentioning of your function in different matchups.
- No mentioning of situational items, no mentioning of tablet (!).
- No given reason for skilling power drain at 8 instead of miniaturization (or stats at 14 instead of p. drain). In fact, no optional or situational skill build at all.
- Pretender's crowns are somewhat bad ... If you plan getting blood chalice, get the two 150 items at the start and the ring at the side shop.
- No mentioning of the ability of power drain to set nullstone on cooldown or kill illusions instantly.

After all, this guide lacks lots of advanced information. I mean ... if this was labeled as "quick guide" or "beginner's guide", I wouldn't bother about all that. But copying the hero page and adding a few general sentences and an incomplete item choice is not what I consider as a guide. Forgive me if I was harsh, but it's not what I expected at all when I clicked the above link.

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# 3Aes. Dec 4 2010, 16:18 PM
Portal Key on witch slayer is probably the best item that he can have, it should be picked up early(if possible) rather than 'later'. It's amazing for positioning in team fights as well as setting up ganks.

Especially effective against swiftblade, wretched hag, magebane and other blink/magic immunity heroes. Portal Key in and apply your disables. Keep the enemy locked down for 6 seconds gives your team mates time to get there and assist with the kill. Never stack disables is something that should also be mentioned, try and get the full duration from the stun and mini.

As for the use of the ultimate, stating that it should never be used to last hit enemy heroes unless alone is a bit weak also. There's no point using silver bullet immediately on a hero like doctor repulsor, after all the disables, if the damage output from your team isn't high enough to kill him - he's out of there. It'd be best to save it and guarantee the kill on a high profile target like DR. Only use it early if it will end up in a guaranteed kill on a hero. I don't condone witch slayers that save the ultimate to kill steal, but at earlier levels the cooldown is pretty substantial and it's common for the support to be <16 throughout the entire game.

I'm also not a big fan of striders on WS. Steam boots provide much needed survivability or a nice boost to the early mana pool. It's not uncommon to put out your disables and lack mana to use your ultimate, assuming you're not fresh out of the well.

There's also no direct mention of mana drain being the perfect spell to put a null stone on cool down? Generally a very weak guide.

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# 4Paincarnate Dec 5 2010, 12:27 PM
I always get pk, or at least tablet if things aren't going very well... other points have already been mentioned, not one of the better guides.

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