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Supreme Commander 2

Supreme Commander 2 Patch 1.22

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# 1United_Strafes Sep 23 2010, 22:12 PM
The latest Supreme Commander 2 patch is now live. While no balance is included in the patch it does contain several fixes for various issues.


•Greatly Improved AI handling of NoRush games
•Full fix for jumping/teleporting groups of units and only half of them getting the order
•Addition of the command line option /reverserightclickmode, which changes the default right-click action to move the selected group to a destination ignoring formation rules. Ctrl-right-click will force the group to use a formation while travelling
•Air units now move consistent speeds whether grouped or ungrouped
•Improved handling of Engineers/ACU when trying to reclaim things beneath them
•The Cybran ACU should no longer get stuck in an unrepairable state
•Artillery should once again be able to target things it has had LOS on, but not current radar
•Artillery can once again target structures under the Fog of War that you have had previous intel on
•Units that do not earn XP from combat are no longer able to consume awarded XP if they get the kill
•XP that was improperly awarded in the above case is now properly awarded to valid recipients
•Performance improvements by adjusting all buffs that are AoE buffs over time to Refresh instead of Replace


•Fix for platoon positions being over terrain that is invalid for some units in the platoon
•Fix for replays ending when a player prematurely quits the game or loses connection
•Fix for circumventing the cost of the Bomb Bouncer’s charge ability and the Illuminate Electroshock ability
•Fix for Cybran ACU not getting experience under certain circumstances
•Fix for Cybran build bots hanging around if an engineer dies while building something
•Fix for Colossus not having a teleport effect
•Fix for Rogue Nanite range for real this time


•Fixed an issue in the Noah Unit Cannon task
•Fix for 1 AI building so fast that it prevents other AIs from building at all
•AI will no longer try to create expansion bases while No Rush is active
•AI will build Nukes, Anti-Nukes, and units in the NUC, but they wont try to fire them while No Rush is active
•AI will build some experimental structures in expansion bases
•Hardened code for queuing build orders from the AI
•Improved AI expansion finding
•Fix for AI Nanites trying to repair things under construction
•Fix for AI building too many Rogue Nanites
•Fix for AI bases trying to include Mass extractors that the AI won’t build on
•AI will now look further for expansion bases to accommodate larger maps
•Fix for AI wasting tons of mass on nukes
•AIs will try not to step on each others’ expansion bases
•AI Engineers in expansion bases will not patrol as far away
•More AI econ tweaks
Source: Square Enix

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# 2MisterKrazy Sep 23 2010, 23:15 PM
No balance fixes... but at least we're getting back to this patch-a-week thing we all loved at launch!

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