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Star2.org Tournament Rules

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# 1CptBanana Sep 28 2010, 21:59 PM
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Star2.org Tournament Rules

  • Single Elimination
  • Players must contact each other through Battle.net chat and arrange a host.
  • Players must report win and upload replay after each round.
Maps and Host Rules
  • Maps by round:
    • R1 - Bo1: Shakuras Plateau
    • R2 - Bo1: Metalopolis
    • R3 - Bo1: Xel'Naga Caverns
    • R4 (Ro16) - Bo3: First map Shakuras Plateau, then loser's choice
    • R5 (Quarters) - Bo3: First map Metalopolis, then loser's choice
    • R6 (Semis) - Bo3: First map Xel'Naga Caverns, then loser's choice
    • 3rd place: Bo3 - First map Terminus RE, then loser's choice from new GSL maps
    • Finals: Bo5 - First map by veto, then loser's pick (from standard map pool)
  • Games will be hosted on one of the approved maps.
  • In a Bo1, host must create on designated map for that round.
  • In a Bo3, the first map is designated. Following maps will be picked from the pool by the Loser of the previous game. No map should be repeated.
  • Map Pool:
    • Scrap Station
    • Xel'Naga Caverns
    • Delta Quadrant
    • Metalopolis
    • Shakuras Plateau
    • The Shattered Temple
Gamereplays.org Tournament Rules
  • Any violation of GameReplays.org Tournament Rules may result in game forfeit and future suspension from GR.org tournaments and other GR.org events.
  • No cheating in any way. This includes any sort of hack or illegal program. This also includes account sharing or playing under an ID that you did not register under.
  • Players must arrive within 10 minutes of the end of the previous round.
  • Players may change race between games.
  • Referees may warn and disqualify players for chat violations, including excessive or abusive insults toward players, observers, or referees.
Disconnects and Lag
  • If your opponent is disconnecting, players should take a screenshot of the lag screen and contact the tournament referee.
  • If a disconnect happens in the first five minutes and there has been no player-opponent contact, game will be replayed.
  • Referees and Tournament Administrators reserve the right to overturn results or award wins based on evidence they see.
  • If there is persistent unplayable lag (lag screen comes up more than once in a short time), players must contact a Referee who will decide how to proceed.
Coverage and Observer Rules
  • No observers are allowed in games other than those designated by GR.org.
  • GR.org referees are also allowed to be in game.
  • If the host invites a non-approved observer to the game and starts, game does not count.
  • If game lags with an approved observer in game, that observer must leave at the request of a player. If a GR.org referee is in game, he will make this decision.
  • Observers and broadcasters are subject to the same rules for cheating and abuse as players.
If you have general questions about the tournament or the rules, please ask them in the Questions & Answers Thread.
If you have any private issues that you need to discuss with the Tournament Referees, send CptBanana or esa|TurtleTucke a PM.

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