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Community Balance Pack - First Release

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# 1-Sebra Oct 4 2010, 20:05 PM
Welcome to the first release of Nephylim's balance mod. First of all, huge thanks to Word, Commiebob, Harrier and Sebra for their help with this project.

Now, what is this all about? We have all seen the annoying imbalances of this game. We are trying to change that with this mod. Our goal is to make a mod in which every faction is balanced, and have a lot of options available in 1v1 games. Our secondary goal is to convince GPG our changes are for the best, so they perhaps implement some of them in a patch. This is a work in progress - this version primarily includes land changes, and the much needed Tigershark nerf. This should balance both land and naval gameplay.

IPB Image

If you want to help testing the versions Nephylim is working on, or have any suggestions, post that in the balance project topic, or send him a PM! He is always open for suggestions, particularly because this game is so complex its easy to overlook something.

Every player participating in testing will need the mod if you want to play online and it only works with the DLC. This mod DOES affect the AI, but he doesn't act accordingly to it. Testing vs the AI is still very nice though. If you want to play online, I'd like to ask you to put CBP (community balance project) in your nickname, so people know you have the mod. You don't necessarily need to have it activated, but this will let people know you'd like to play this mod. Send any replays you get while playing this, to Nephylim along with further suggestions you have.

Instructions can be found in the readme file.

Patch notes:

Loyalist range 17 > 18, Health 1100 > 1150
Cobra range 50 > 54
Adaptor AA range 32 > 34
Engineer gun range 20 > 22
Gemini cost 85|190 > 80|180
*not working?* Bombbouncer health 26500 > 20000, Shield 12000 > 17000

Titan range 17 > 16
Archanist AA range 32 > 35
Pshield speed 4 > 3 (tank speed, and this might actually make it better because they dont have the urge to move in front of your tanks when ctrl-moving. I think.)
Tigershark cost 100|250 > 135|320, Health 2200 > 1800
Fatboy range 100 > 85

Shotja 50|150 > 60|170, Buildtime 22 > 44
Harvog range 17 > 16
Crahdow range 32 > 35
Urchinow health 16000 > 12000, range 50 > 55, Speed 2.3 > 2.8
Willfindya health 8000 > 12000, turn speed 45 > 65 (you can now dodge naval shots)
Weedoboth cost 85|190 > 80|180
Airnomo range 45 > 60

Now go conquer the galaxy!

Download the Balance Pack

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# 2FunkOff Oct 4 2010, 20:43 PM
This patch sucks. So many UEF nerfs... why?

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# 3Cygnus A Oct 4 2010, 22:01 PM
I'll mark this one as a failure. They didn't nearly involve enough people for this to be a good "patch".

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# 4brahmasmi Oct 5 2010, 05:30 AM
I wish there were more peoples to try this thang out with....

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# 5Katzenkrimis Oct 5 2010, 10:43 AM
Ah, home sweet home.

Someplace I can go to kick back, relax, and draw cartoons of Eric Williamson eating pubes.

By the way, have they fired him yet?


Nice balance pack, boys. Keep up the great work.

I might just play it, once you guys are happier with it.

IPB Image

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# 6Spooky_ Oct 5 2010, 19:27 PM
For a "community" balance pack, at least one of the creators (Word) is severely hostile to the community itself...

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# 7Katzenkrimis Oct 6 2010, 01:26 AM
QUOTE(Spooky_ @ Oct 5 2010, 12:27 PM) *

For a "community" balance pack, at least one of the creators (Word) is severely hostile to the community itself...

Ha, severely hostile.

I thought that title was mine.

You live in Austria, don't you? If I remember correctly.

I'm not banned there. Yet.

Actually, this is the most anger I've ever seen out of you. Telling Word he's severely hostile. -lol
I've never seen you post a bad thing about anybody. Ever.

Anyway, just stopping by. Chris just emailed me with a free Supcom2 game. I want to give it away to someone here.

Chow, Spook.

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# 8Sovietpride Nov 15 2010, 21:50 PM
For a "community" balance pack, at least one of the creators (Word) is severely hostile to the community itself...

Considering most of the community is pants on head- OMGITSATRIANGLE- retarded, i don't blame him >.>

Edit: GODDAMMIT. Word linked me to this so i assumed it was active. Sowwy.

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# 900_Gundam_Exia Nov 16 2010, 08:44 AM
the range nerv totaly makes the range upgr for land units now sucks, the only thing i see is that cyb get buffed and other factions nerved, cyb got the 30% rate of fire increase letting there bots do major damage instead of having a range upgr, also bombouncer shield has already a crazy regen there is no need to add more shields to it then it already has for that price its pretty cheap

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# 10Nephylim Nov 16 2010, 11:06 AM
The next time you flame my mod, please TRY to make sense, gundam. That piece of text equals garvage.

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# 11Sovietpride Nov 16 2010, 13:56 PM
Garvage eh?


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