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# 1andysfile Nov 18 2010, 05:19 AM
Operations are regularly scheduled time-based competitions in which specific tasks must be completed in-game to win. All Operations describe the criteria that must be fulfilled as well as the measurement of success. A quick example would be;
A player has to jump in one spot - This is the criteria
The winner is determined by how many times he/she can jump before being killed - This is how we measure the winner.

Remember to read the instructions carefully!

Every time a new Operation begins, it will appear in the Active Operations topic. A new topic for it will open up in the Operations forum where you can submit your best try in a replay form (demo, via Theatre Mode or video). In your post, it is a good idea to write a quick summary of what happened in the match. View the How to make and share Black Ops replays section of the Rules and How to Record/View Games topic in the Replays forum.

When the Operation reaches its time limit, the topic will close. Depending on the Op and the success the players had in achieving it, a new topic will opened afterwards for the community to vote on which attempt they think should win. Otherwise, the staff will find the winning replay and post the winner without making a voting topic.

Winners will be posted in the Leaderboard topic and added/changed on the Leaderboard. A winner who fulfilled all the criteria the best according to the Op and/or voting will receive 3 points. Winners who draw each other will both receive 2 points. Someone who doesn't quite fulfil the criteria but made a good effort and was voted to be the winner by the community will receive 1 point.

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