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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

trouble with gobs

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# 1dwarvenownage Nov 26 2010, 09:46 AM
ok hi any advice for a noob with playing with gobs?biggrin.gif im not rlly 1vs1 player i like more 2vs2 so plz 2vs2 adivce=P i would really appreaciet it

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# 2VeNeNo` Nov 29 2010, 17:23 PM
Ok so i guess 2 vs 2 udun right? tongue.gif
-Scout with bats.If you see an enemy using tainted land or elven wood take land aswell.
-usually a good strat is:
-tunnel,goblin cave,tunnel >>goblin spam (with more goblin caves) then build also a fissure to make trolls.
-If,while scouting u see your direct enemy has motw i find a good strat going straight for lings.

I just posted a nice game with goblins(I'm not so good with them aswell) but it can be useful for you smile.gif

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# 3dwarvenownage Nov 29 2010, 19:56 PM
ty m8:)) btw my name is online[TnG]dwarfownag:) u remember me i guess:D i do pretty much same strat just i 2 farms cave and then 1 gob bat 1 more tunnel and fissure and ct and then gobs spam with more caves and mybae ridders + lings too is that strat good too?

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