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Battle for Middle Earth 2 1.06

Is it possible to kill Thraundil?

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# 1starbayx Dec 3 2010, 23:12 PM
When my enemy selects elves, he's first thing to do is create thraundil and send it to my base. then he kills my workers and f.cks my ass :@ We're playing in ver 1.00 with my friends and thraundil is invisible even he is attacking. I want to learn how do I kill him???


>> It's the beggining of the game.
>> I do not have MoS lvl10 so don't say me send MoS
>> Aragorn or Boromir can't catch him. When i see where is he, he runs away then attack me from another direction.
>> He humiliates Theoden and Eomer
>> Rohhirim can't catch him too... For example, he is at north of my castle, and i have rohhirims. When i charged my rohhirims to north, he moves southeast and my cavalry misses him, then he kills all of my cavalry and gets lvlup
>> I hate elves. So please don't say "send him a thraundil"
>> I can only kill him with Lurtz + Warg riders. But playing with Isengard is very boring.
>> And, yes lots of my friends are epic noobs. They can't play another faction without elves, and they can't do anything without sending Thraundil to me. So if we're playing 2(inculiding me) v 3, i have to fight against 3 thraundil...

So, is the only way to kill him, stand up from my comp, go to my friend's, then off his comp? I belive thraundil is the only thing which f.cks up the fun. I can't see him, he is lvling up sooo quick and and if he lvl's up, 1 thraundil can kill 2 rohhirim + eomer.. (it happened to me)

Help me. I'm going to be crazy..

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# 2Turbo` Dec 4 2010, 14:14 PM
dont play 1.00. thran is a joke in this patch

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# 3VeNeNo` Dec 4 2010, 14:19 PM
Tbh i dunno muach about version 1.00 but i can give you some tips in accordance to 1.6 version.
First of all i guess you play with 4000 starting resources.Change it start with 1000 and maybe you'll see tranduill less.
If you get mordor just send MoS and lots of corsaires (defence stance),maybe he'll be able to kill some of them but at a certain point he will need to retreat.Keep also a nazgul ready if he covers his retreat with LA.
If you get motw you can catch him easily with eomer or just sog(in defence stances) and Rangers behind them(u should always get rangers against elves).
Spider riders and half trolls first (always in defence stance) for gobs..and also the gob king could be useful at high level.(especially lvl 6).

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