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Company of Heroes

#1823 [2.601] Marinez (Inf) vs Freestyler (Blitz)

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# 1CallMeSarge Jan 29 2011, 16:46 PM
Good Evening GameReplays.org,

CallMeSarge is back in 2011, been a few months since I casted but I wanted to get warmed up before next weeks epic Beta Tourney - it promises beaucoup awesomeness. So I dragged Diabolo out to check out this Replay of CoH veteran Marinez squaring up to CoH Expert Freestyler. Watch on to witness:
  • The 4ES start meeting Mr Charles Foxtrot
  • Did you know that Marinez is good with snipers?
  • The most useless Shreks ever
  • Call on point shenanigans

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# 2Ezio Auditore Jan 29 2011, 17:19 PM
I was wondering where the hell where u ^^ smile.gif i will watch this now man smile.gif

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# 3chains Jan 29 2011, 18:19 PM
gG tongue.gif

schreks were shit early game but made a comeback later I think smile.gif

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# 4aramonkg Jan 30 2011, 06:29 AM
One of the best ways to start a Sunday morning! Thx guys.

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# 5Costolain Jan 30 2011, 10:11 AM
Could anyone vid this?

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# 6Bluebell Jan 31 2011, 08:48 AM
Great 'cast, great match.
Welcome back for 2011 guys.

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# 799spikes Jan 31 2011, 15:11 PM
WB tongue.gif another gr8 cast!

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