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Heroes of Newerth

CSN League HoN Tournament

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# 1MizKitten Jan 30 2011, 00:11 AM
Hi There!! I am CSN|MizKitten and I am proud to announce our HoN 3v3 and 1v1 Tourney.

IPB Image

We are also looking for a Head Admin for this division and also admins. If you have great tournament experience, HoN experience and think you can do this job just let me know. Add me to Skype as miz.kitten or xfire mizkitten. I look forward to seeing you all in the tournament and talking to some about admining to CSN. You can find us at CSN Website



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# 2kustodian Jan 30 2011, 02:00 AM
Good luck with the tourney happy.gif

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Game: Heroes of Newerth


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