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nVidia Launches GTX 550 Ti

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# 1Lencias Mar 15 2011, 21:31 PM
Today, nVidia launched their competitor to AMD's HD5770, the GTX550 Ti. Aimed at the money-conscious gamer with a price point of $150, the 550 Ti boasts 192 stream processors with a core clock of 900mhz and a shader clock of 1800mhz on a 40nm architecture. The card is endowed with 1GB of GDDR5 memory linked with a 192-bit memory bus running at a stock memory clock of 1026mhz. nVidia claims a 50% performance boost in tessellated DX11 games and a 38% boost in past generation DX10 and DX9 games compared to the AMD HD 5770.

IPB Image

However, the 550 Ti's competition in the price range is not only the 5770, but also the HD 6850. The 5770 provides stiff financial competition at the price of $110, while the 6850 can be find at a very close price point of $160 with rebates. Given the fact that the 550's predecessor, the 450, had trouble keeping up with the 5770, it will be interesting to see how the 550 Ti itself keeps up.

[via The Inq and AnandTech]

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