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AwesomeA's Dual Rax MCV Push Guide!

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# 1Sheriff AA Apr 22 2011, 01:12 AM
Hi all!
A few of my clan mates have wanted me to teach them how to dual rax MCV push as Allies. I pull mine a bit different then most players, and you'd be surprised how many players it can beat if your micro is percise. I also have done it many times vs all three factions(even soviets!) and not just vs noobs and mid players, but vs alot of the players from the top 50 and even top 10!

Heres how to do it against each faction:

Empire: From the first rax get a dog, 3 Javelins, 10 PKs, then 7 more Javelins if you scout an imperial warrior spam. If you scout a dojo rush, then get 5 Javelins at start then 10 PKs. From the second rax get an engineer for your Oil Derrick then 10 PKs. If you got 5 Javelins from the beginning of your first rax then add on 5 Javelins to the second rax. If you only got 3 Javelins att he start from your first rax then don't add any Javelins to your second rax at all. In all you should have 20 PKs and 10 Javelins, then head towards your opponent's base. Be sure to block your opponent's MCV if he tries to crush your infantry(dont forget to use the hotkey "D" for reverse mode) and go for any units he has first then immediatly kill off his unit producing structures. After all those are down kill off the MCV.

Some examples of this push vs Empire:

Attached File Destroyer_vs_Eminence.RA3Replay
Size: 187.21k
Number of downloads: 73
Player Name Side Team
GR|AA* 0
m8sEminence 0

Attached File AwesomeA_vs_GothGirl.RA3Replay
Size: 102.95k
Number of downloads: 35
Player Name Side Team
{DvT}-AwesomeA* 1
TeChNo]GothGirl 2

Attached File Tengu_vs_Steaven.RA3Replay
Size: 140.62k
Number of downloads: 30
Player Name Side Team
Steaven 1
TenguRider* 2

Allies: When using this in AvA PKs are crucial. From the first rax get 15 PKs. From the second rax get a scout dog, an engineer, 10 PKs, and 5 Javelins. If you scout out riptides or PK IFVs then cancel 5 of your PKs from your second rax and add 5 more Javs. If your opponent meets you with an equally large PK spam then spam even more PKs after your other infantry is finished building. It also helps on Industrial Strength if you capture the garage rather than the Oil Derrick when met by an equal PK spam from your opponent. In all you should have 25 PKs and 5 Javs when facing a PK spam and 20 PKs and 10 Javs when facing a riptide spam. Once you reach his base use your MCV to block any turret fire from your infantry and kill off any turrets immediatly. After that go for your opponent's barracks and/or war factory. Once those are down, go after his MCV.

Some examples of this push vs Allies:

Attached File Destroyer_vs_Ra3PlayerWill.RA3Replay
Size: 263.4k
Number of downloads: 23
Player Name Side Team
{DvT}-AwesomeA* 1
Ra3playerWillia 2

Attached File AwesomeA_vs_YuiYui_first_w.RA3Replay
Size: 200.38k
Number of downloads: 28
Player Name Side Team
{DvT}-AwesomeA* 1
X]YuiYui 2

Attached File Destroyer_vs_Dingo.RA3Replay
Size: 221.9k
Number of downloads: 17
Player Name Side Team
LoveToPWN* 1
X]Dingo 2

Attached File vs_soulsplitter.RA3Replay
Size: 111.33k
Number of downloads: 15
Player Name Side Team
NewBeginning* 1
SoulSplitter 2

Soviets: This is hardest of the three to master, but it does work equally as effective when mastered. From your first rax go 5 dogs, one engineer, and 10 PKs. Use your first two dogs to scout but keep your other three in your large pack of infantry. From your second rax get 3 dogs, 10 PKs, and 10 Javs. If you happen to scout out a fast war factory then cancel all your PKs and spam Jav soliders from both your barracks. Once your money gets low sell a barracks and spam PKs and Javs from your remaining barracks. Now when moving to your opponent's base be cautious! If they try to get a terror drone into your MCV then kill it with your infantry, its vital that you keep your MCV close to your infantry because if a terror drone finds its way into oyur MCV then you've automatically lost. Use your 6 dogs carefully to get any bears he tries sending at you and use your MCV to crush infantry only! If he packs up his MCV and your 100% sure he has no war facotry then its ok to use your MCV to block, all other times deploy your MCV as quickly as possible and get turrets up in front of your opponent's war facotry and/or barracks. Do your best to get his production structures first, especially if he has a crane. Then go after the MCV.

Some examples of this push vs Soviets:

Attached File Destroyer_vs_AFGHAN.RA3Replay
Size: 132.42k
Number of downloads: 25
Player Name Side Team
WhoKnows?* 1
-1-0-0-%-AFGHAN- 2

Attached File Tengu_vs_SGBlue_GG.RA3Replay
Size: 541.71k
Number of downloads: 20
Player Name Side Team
TenguRider* 1
SGBlue 2

I'll try to add in more replays once I get them, I hope I helped and feel free to ask me any questions in this topic or via PM.

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# 2KillWill9 Apr 23 2011, 11:29 AM
well nice guide biggrin.gif so many differend names xD keep up the good work as referee

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# 3lordpeter3 May 2 2011, 20:31 PM
Impressive, nice job thumb.gif

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# 4H3R0 Jan 5 2012, 15:47 PM
AwesomeA guide..smile.gif

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# 5JonnyKnows Jan 12 2012, 05:24 AM
Mmmm my specialty, the only smelly cheese strategy I've ever been good at.

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# 6UB3R Jan 19 2012, 18:31 PM
i havn't watched the replay yet, but i can't see this working against really good soviet players. simply because, infantry-wise:

bear+scripts > pk+dogs

but i'm gonna check out the replay when i get time wink.gif

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