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MoK tips for noob

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# 1An Idiot112 May 9 2011, 12:06 PM
Hey. I'm a relative noob at Mok and would appreciate any tips for getting better. Thx.
p.s. can anyone train me in mok?


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# 2stoochie May 29 2011, 08:13 AM
you play differently depending on the map.

but generally speaking, do standard build; pp, rax (get spikes), ref, wf (make bike or buggy for scout, then 3 harvs), ref. then you can do a few things from here (expand, get extra wf for spam, tech, etc)

at the start harass the enemy harvs with a few bikes and buggies (use buggies to absorb enemy fire and the bikes to deal the damage), then you can switch up to dozer scorp spam and possibly mix in some inf for emp.

remember to always scout the map so you can know what is coming for you and prepare accordingly. and generally expand when your tib field is about 3/4 depleted.

this is just a really general overview, if you want more specific help tell me what you need help with specifically or just post a replay here and ill tell you what you can improve on.

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