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2v2 Random Unfair Player Thread

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# 1Rémy May 15 2011, 21:01 PM

2v2 Random Unfair Player Thread

If you played a 2vs2 random game where a player attempted to sabotage his teammate's play, you may report this unfair behavior in this topic.

1)Include the replay as attachement in your message, and the name of the player(s) you suspect not playing fair in terms of teamplay.
2) Your screen name used in the game. (example: Biosparks)
3)Do you know the gamereplays.org username of that person? (example: Yes, Budwise)
4)Do you know any other Relic Online profile of that person? (example: Yes, TheDuuude)
5)Briefly describe of what happened. (example: While you were reinforcing your units, He shooted with arty over it)

This can include:
  • Player playing on two accounts, each one opposite side of the match, attempting to gain easy win.
  • Player doing things such as wiring or tank trapping his ally.
  • Player doing things such as artying his ally (if the intention is intentionally to kill friendly units), and also including player using any means to destroy the buildings of his ally.
  • Player insulting his ally via chat and continuing even after being told to stop.
If you fail to follow these formats, your accusation will not be logged, and you will receive a PM explanation. If you fail to follow formatting guidelines on multiple occasions and/or post non-sensical posts, you will be warned for spam.

If the offense you want to report fits none of those formats (such as a leaderboard hack for example), please follow the spirit of those formats and give us as many useful details as possible.

These will all be analyzed by our Senior Staff.

The Process

Every post in this forum will be set to invisible as it's posted. Only Gamereplays Senior Staff and Relic employees will be able to view the accusations posted here. Feel free to make any accusation you want in your thread, but please refrain from childish insults or baseless accusations.

Following analysis by our Senior Staff, replays will be sorted and compiled. If we find a repeat offender, we will ban or suspend their Gamereplays.org account. Gamereplays does not have any power to ban, suspend, mute, or warn any Relic Online account and we will only be sharing information with the Relic employees who do have the power over accounts (assuming the evidence is sufficient).

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