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# 1William Judd May 26 2011, 17:57 PM
Gaming peripherals these days are titled like exotic cars, labelled with a baffling assortment of two letter acronyms boasting of increased performance, superior gaming acumen, and a competitive edge. You'd be excused for thinking Ozone's Ground Level XT follows the same path, but happily the XT doesn't stand for Xtreme Technology or Xtra Trendy: instead it stands for the perfectly palatable Extra Thick.

IPB Image

As soon as you take it out of the clear plastic box, you can tell that the XT is definitely on the thick and heavy side. A thickness of six millimetres doesn't sound like much, but it's positively massive compared to the usual 2 mm thickness of traditional cloth mousepads. Still, does an extra 4 mm of padding make that much of a difference to the common gamer?

After using it for a few days, I'd say so. While its claim of smoothing "all the small imperfections the desk may have" may be a non-issue for those of us using wood or metal rather than, say, a pile of gravel, it does make the mousepad much more comfortable to use. That's important for the long gaming sessions that are the staple diet of so many gamers, particularly those that haven't invested in a dedicated wrist wrest.

Beyond the aforementioned thickness, the Ground Level XT is dependably average. The cloth surface is soft, with a sufficiently low coefficient of friction that mousing certainly isn't an exigent task. The size of the pad is also fairly typical, so it will suit gamers with all but the lowest mouse DPI settings.

For a mousepad costing less than 10, the Ozone Ground Level XT provides a startlingly comfortable mousing experience. If you're looking for a cloth mousepad of the standard size, particularly if you're going to be using it for many hours a day, then the XT should be your first stop.

I loved:
  • The thick pad is quite comfortable.
  • Great value cloth mousepad.
I hated:
  • Nothing.
IPB Image

The Ozone Ground Level XT was tested in StarCraft II, Brink and normal desktop usage. The sample used for the review was provided by the good people at Meroncourt. You can buy the Ground Level XT on Amazon.

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