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own3D.tv Feedback Thread

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# 1smock Jun 29 2011, 20:11 PM
Hello everyone! We are proud to partner with own3D.tv for our delayed livestreams and are actively working with them to improve our service.

If you are having any difficulties viewing the livestreams, please identify your issue from those listed below and follow the steps to resolve it.

Black Screen, No Video

  1. Refresh the page.
  2. Check in our IRC channel (#honreplays on Quakenet) or the Livestream schedule for the start time of the match. If the stream is live but nothing is showing up on the screen, it may be that the match just started and it is still during the 8 minute delay time for the livestream. The stream will automatically start after the delay!
  3. Update your Flash Player to the latest version.
  4. Disable all of your ad blockers. Not just saying this because we are greedy bastards, but for some people own3D has not allowed streams to start if a particular ad block program is in place, but you will also support our site.

Lag Issues on Stream

  1. Refresh the page. Sometimes you get assigned to a bad server node and refreshing the page will solve your lag issues.
  2. Try switching your DNS to Google's PublicDNS. Instructions on how to do this are here. Some ISPs and Own3d do not get along, and this has been a fix for many of our users.
  3. If your Internet speeds are slow, try viewing the stream in SD.

Still Having Problems?

If your problem still persists after following the above steps, please post in this thread and include the following information so that we can relay it to own3D:


Thank you for your patience!

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# 2twizzR Jun 29 2011, 21:59 PM
Someone make a bot spamming this when everyone types LAG in the irc please )

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