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Starcraft 2 Bronze/Silver NA tournament

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# 1Feltie Jul 1 2011, 19:31 PM
Hey guys, I want to host a tournament for bronze and silver league players on the NA servers. It will be a three game set where the loser picks the next map and the starting map is random.

I want the tournament to have 64 players and there will be round robin format with 8 pools of 8 players. I'd like to have the schedule for this to be sent out by end of july and have the tournament start in beginning of August. Each player gets one point for each win and a bonus point if you sweep a player. First place in each group moves on then the next eight in points get in as wild cards. If there's a tie within a group then head-to-head results are used for the tiebreaker. Ties across groups will be determined by sweeps, sets won, and if there is still a tie after that, a one game playoff.

The group winners are seeded out 1 - 8 and the wild cards 9 - 16.
1 plays 16 and so on.

How it will work is I will make a schedule for the games and it will be 3 matches per week. If there is a problem just let me know and I will do my best to fix it.

Remember, this is a first come,first serve but on the occasion that someone drops out, we will need fill ins so I will let you know if you are a fill in or if you are in the tournament.

Just for clarification, how it will work is once the pools are made, I will send everyone in your pool your opponents name and character code so you add them and then host will invite their opponent to the game. Once the game is finished, the winner will send me via email the outcome and the replays.

To enter the tournament please email the following to:starcrafttourney@gmail.com

a) Starcraft Username
b) Character Code
c) League you are currently in
d) Main email address

Post any questions or concerns below. I will check regularly and try to respond as fast as possible. Thanks and gl hf

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# 2Mavi Jul 28 2011, 21:08 PM
any word on this tourny?

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