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Red Alert 3

"Host has left the game" Bug

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# 1Hot_Fudge Jul 13 2011, 15:34 PM
When I'm staging in a regular lobby (so no automatch), I sometimes get knocked out of the lobby (so the game lobby, not the casual 1). Not really a problem, but then the problem occurs afterwards. I can't do anything anymore, can't switch casual lobby, /players command doesn't return anything, I can't see myself (or anyone else) talking in casual 1, and I can't whisper to anyone (well I can, but they don't receive it).

I think I just ping timeout or something, cause if I wait a minut or 2, everything works fine again, and all my sent messages are sent at once to the lobby, and I receive my /players command return.

Anyone know how to fix this?

I'm using Windows XP, running RA lowest graphics, and using Wireless Internet, with an external Speedtouch receiver.
And a Thomson TG789vn router. If you need any other specs please tell me where I can find them, I'm not that much of a computer wizard.

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# 2OneCabal^ Jul 29 2011, 03:01 AM
you may want to try re-installing RA3, usually when you re-install a game, things go back to normal, and you never have to deal with those problems again, the game spy servers are really having player with players playing games, especially in RA3, so try re-installing the game again, if that doesn't work, PM me and ill see what i can do smile.gif.

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