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Do you think DotA is the best MOBA ever?

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# 21FryQ Aug 22 2011, 19:10 PM
Well, after the tourney I think Dota2 is on the very good track, after watching those dozen of game got so used to the graphics, when I logged into HoN it's seemed so ugly, but to continue my monolog...

I predict Dota2 to win over the (hard)core DotA fans, more then other moba's are capable due to the Heroes. (that they love so much and can't image to play without them)

Blizzard Dota, imo won't have to much to say in this matter, there are already MOBA's freely developed on the SC2 engine (SotIS), which is a great one, but to be honest what made HoN so appealing was the complete and dedicated framework for the game only. LoL is a different kind of game, coz it shares some basic mehanics, but is completely different, so it will stay in that different leading role for a while sure, also they develop a new (style) of MOBA, called Dominion, which is unique so might also keep then in the bowl, at least what casual players seek for. RoI at current state is very very rough and too unpolished to get any big thing cooking. Bloodline Champions on the other hand is once again in a different bracket, so hard to compare to any other (unique). RotT is pretty neat, would say it's somewhere between HoN and LoL, some very good ideas are implemented, but once again...it's hard to compare, due to the fact that it's very different from the original dota.

My conclusion...there is a core of players who will stick to Dota no matter what, they will mostly play with the old or 2, so it will surely have a decent number of players who support it. The rest need to fight / stay on top of their game to have a sure position on the moba market.

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Game: Dota 2

# 22Con88 Aug 24 2011, 11:17 AM
HoN was miles better than Dota, simply for breaking the limitations of the WC3 client. Finding a game of Dota on battle.net was a nightmare. Even on Garena it wasn't pleasant. Couple that with a rating system and pretty new models and you have one of the most satisfying games you can possibly play after playing Dota for any significant amount of time.

You could argue that S2 moved their concentration over to microtractions with the gold coin shop and because of that balance and in the general the quality of the game suffered. Even still, Hon made leaps and bonds in terms of the Dota clone MOBA.

LoL is a different story. There is a lot of deviation from the original Dota compared to Hon and Riot did this for a reason. The learning curve for LoL is a lot gentler than Dota and Hon. This is in my opinion one of the main reasons it so so popular at the moment(that and, you know, its free). LoL as a MOBA will apeal to newer players more than say Hon or the original Dota but can fail to resonate with seasoned vets, or me.

Dota2 is going to be the real Dota clone it seems. Not even changing some names of Heroes. More important than that, heroes attack animations and projectiles, creep AI and orb stacking seem to remain consistent with their original. All things Hon messed around with a little bit. All this is being backed by Valve, driven by Icefrog. Icefrog at the helm instead of a dodgy-ringer-whatever he was for S2, I certainly like the sound of that. Its all to early to tell exactly how good/bad/indifferent Dota2 will be, I'm pretty dam excited though.

My favorite MOBA to date is Hon by a pretty wide margin. I've never had more fun playing Dota then when playing Hon, solo or with friends. And its certainly the game I knew most about.

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# 23SebasGR Sep 9 2011, 13:40 PM
Ive played DotA for years and it has a real special place in my heart, but I have come to think that LoL is a better game.

I like LoL over HoN because they were able to create something similar yet completely different, adding new mechanics to it, contrary to what HoN did which was basically copy the game.

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# 24kustodian Nov 13 2011, 16:40 PM
QUOTE(SebasGR @ Sep 9 2011, 14:40 PM) *

I like LoL over HoN because they were able to create something similar yet completely different, adding new mechanics to it, contrary to what HoN did which was basically copy the game.

Well you are forgetting one big point in life and in creating games: "if it works, don't fix it". That's why I will never agree with the argument that HoN is a complete copy of the game, because it's not.

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# 25Con88 Nov 25 2011, 14:26 PM
Dota2 will absolutely 100% lead the MobA market. The main reason for this is of course it will be sold on steam. Which is just a massive money printing machine.

And, like, its deadly.

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# 26Lucian 01 Mar 26 2012, 01:26 AM
To be honest I never really liked the carbon copy approach to making games. I was hoping they'd do something different.

I do love playing as all the classic heroes though, S2 and Riot just seems to be rehashing the same old crap now.

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# 27iLikeWine Mar 27 2012, 15:03 PM
Imo Blizzard Dota will fail pretty hard. Lately, Blizzard has been falling apart with the WoW subscribers drops, the bad response to Mists of Pandaria and even to DIII, so I think that Blizzard Dota won't be that good. Few will play it, and fewer will like it.

As for LoL or HoN, I gotta admit that LoL sucks for me (no offense for any LoL players). It doesn't suck because it's a bad game, but because I find it too easy. Also, I'm not a fan of the cartoonish graphics either. As far as HoN goes, I never played it, but it seems that it is stable but I still prefer DotA.

DotA 2 is pretty good right now, I think that Valve is doing a great job in not rushing things. They are taking their time, which is good for the game. It's not the best game ever, but as far as MOBA goes, it's the best looking right now.

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