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The Blacklist

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What is This?

A listing of players currently being punished by the GameReplays Dawn of War 2 Fair Play Forum, the duration of their punishment (from when it was handed out), and the offenses that got them in trouble (it's possible they may have committed other offenses, but only those for which we have caught them are listed). These are players you may want to consider avoiding if possible due to their issues with playing by the rules. When players complete their punishment, they will be taken off the list, and we ask that once a player is off the list you give them a second chance in the hopes to set them on the right path rather than to have them cross our Fair Play Forum path for the second and final time. With that said though, just because a player is on this list DOES NOT mean you should ignore any incidents of them cheating. Continue to report cheating incidents for these individuals to us as we will adjust their punishment accordingly (even for those with bans, we can make sure they never gain leniency if they continue to cheat while banned).

The List

  • AcidTester
    • Duration: Ban
    • Offenses:
      • Drophacking
      • Spreading cheating and exploit methodologies
  • Kalzi4
    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Offenses:
      • Lag Tampering
  • MrBoomBastic
    • Duration: 1 Month
    • Offenses:
      • Lag Tampering

Most Wanted

Occasionally, there are individuals who are widely accused by the community of cheating, but evidence of such does not show up in our Fair Play Forums- or not enough of it. When this happens, we will often put a player's name on the "Most Wanted" list. This does NOT mean that the player IS a cheater. The primary intent of it is that the advertising should boost submissions against players on the list. If it does and we get the proof we had previously been lacking, perfect. If after a brief period it does not, then we have to consider that perhaps the community is wrong, and the player can begin to clear his/her name on such a basis.

Wanted List

  • n8crawler
    • Wanted For:
      • Accused of being the biggest drophacker and laghacker in the community and regularly accused of all sorts of other abuses; however, almost none of this is reflected on the Fair Play Forums; n8crawler may be banned already because of his habit of making duplicate accounts while suspended/banned, but we still want to get evidence of these cheating accusations if they exist so that we can blacklist him among other actions

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