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SCV Rush Bronze Silver Gold #1 [NA]

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# 1Vogin Aug 23 2011, 07:32 AM
En Taro Adun, players! It is our pleasure to welcome you to SCV Rush’s very first event: the SCV Rush BSG#1! Let’s have a look at all information you need in order to participate:

Date & Time
24th August, 6pm EDT

Allowed Participants
NA Bronze, Silver, or Gold league. Unfortunately, if you sign up as Gold and get promoted to Platinum before the event begins, you will not be allowed to play.

Tournament System
- single elimination
- 64 participants
- the first three rounds will be BO1, quarter finals and semifinals BO3, and finals BO5; there will be no losers’ bracket

Map Pool
- GSL Xel’Naga Caverns
- GSL Xel’Naga Fortess
- GSL Daybreak
- GSL Dual Sight
- GSL Crossfire
- GSL Testbug
- GSL Antiga Shipyard
- GSL Crevass
- MLG Shattered Temple
- MLG Metalopolis
- ESL Shakuras Plateau
- SCV Searing Crater

For the first three rounds, there will be three maps available. Starting in the BO3’s, a starting map will be assigned, after which the loser picks the next map—any map from the pool except those already played in the particular match. For all rounds, each player is allowed one veto.

Sign Up
Tournaments are only available for SCV Rush members. If you are not a member, please register for free at our website first. When you’re done, log in, go to the tournament announcement on the site and use the Comments section to sign up by posting exactly this message:

- Email:
- Game Name.Code:
- Event Race:
- Ladder Rank:

Sign Up closes on 24th August at 4:59pm. All Players must use the same Race throughout the event.

Check In
Starting at 5pm the day of the tournament, all participants must check in to reserve their spot in the bracket. To do so, please send a message to the tournament administrator tofumaniac.874 on BN once you come online to play in the event. This and any other event will use the in-game chat channel SCVRush. Check In closes at 5:45pm. Please don’t be late!

The champion will be awarded one hour of free coaching with our prestigious Master/Grandmaster coaching staff!

Tournament Rules
1. Match Beginning – After the tournament begins, players may continue playing rounds as the bracket updates. If your opponent does not show or is unresponsive, please report him to an admin and wait for 15 minutes. If he fails to response after this period of time, he will then be disqualified immediately.

2. Observers – Other players may observe tournament games provided both participants allow it. If lag issues arise, all observers must leave the game. Staff Members or Casting Partners of SCV Rush may observe any match at any time.

3. Replays – All replays must be saved by both players for possible future investigation. Failure to comply the first time will result in a warning. A second failure will result in disqualification.

4. Disconnects – If a player disconnects within the first 5 minutes, the game will be restarted. After 5 minutes, the disconnected player forfeits the game. If there are any objections to this rule (a player was the decided victor before 5 minutes, for example) players may contact a tournament admin, who will review the replay and determine whether a regame will be played. However, this exception may be applied only once during a round.

5. Manner – In-game chat must be limited to the initial good luck, and then good game, expressions. Any communication containing hateful, racial, sexual or otherwise offending content will result in a warning; failure to rectify the bad manner will then result in disqualification. The tournament admins reserve the right to judge what is offensive and what is not.

6. Stream Cheating, Hacking, Illegal Advantages – Any player abusing an illegal advantage over his opponent will be instantly disqualified from the current event and banned from two future SCV Rush events. The tournament admins reserve the right to decide what determines this illegal practice.

- Random matches throughout the tournament, as well as the finals, will be casted on our stream.
- You may be contacted by our Content Representative and asked to provide a replay for the purpose of the Video Replay Analysis category. You may reject this proposal if you wish.
- Any questions? Address them either to the comment section below or contact us directly at thescvrush@gmail.com, and we will answer within 24 hours.

Important Links
- Register / Login Link
- Sign Up Link – via comments
- Check In – in-game chat channel SCVRush, send a message to the tourney admin tofumaniac.874
- Bracket Link – will be updated once the bracket is live
- Stream Link

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