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Company of Heroes 80% OFF on Steam !

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# 1IronWings Sep 24 2011, 22:58 PM
If you were planning on getting Company of Heroes recently, or were simply looking for a new RTS game to play, this week-end may be the opportunity you must not miss, with Steam’s incredible 80% discount on the entire franchise !

For less than 10$ (5€), you can buy yourself one of the most acclaimed RTS games ever released and its two expansions (make sure to check this article for details). Four different factions, fast-paced battles, realistic-looking and destroyable battlefield, intuitive gameplay, tactical depth… Company of Heroes has lots of features the strategy game player inside you will love!

Not convinced by words ? Here’s an excellent example of how a Company of Heroes match can look like, with two of the most talented commentators to accompany you:

Afraid of having a hard time learning the game or understanding its gameplay, strategies, balance ? Be reassured, GameReplays.org has one of the widest Company of Heroes communities, including some of the best players. Don’t hesitate to check the strategy guides and ask questions on the forums if you need it.

If you take your time deciding, you'll miss out: you only have until Monday to benefit from this special offer !

Hope to see you soon on the virtual battlefield and GameReplays !

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# 2ayne Sep 25 2011, 04:00 AM
very true, even in the graphics department, its still competitive

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