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# 1J3ff3r Sep 26 2011, 22:20 PM

it happened to me that a couple of v35 troop transporters carrying APCs with Zone Troopers in them flew over my base and the zone troopers were shooting out of the flying apcs. An amazing technic but it seems more like an exploit to me. Basically you can put any unit in an APC call for transport, select the transporters and some unit which is still grounded an from that point on you can use this transporters like any other flying vehicle in the game. So should i report guys using that technic or should i use it myself, cause it's similar to this firehawk strategy which is pinned in this forum?

There's a replay attached showing an epic win against AI easy nod turtle.



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# 2shocktapus Oct 9 2011, 01:37 AM
This isn't an exploit, its a valid strategy - the firehawk thing is a bug because it is forcing anti-air missiles to hit the ground.

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