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Allied vs Empire at start of 40000 gold! help

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# 1leavesfall Oct 24 2011, 09:51 AM
i'm a newbie..so i want 2 know what is the best way to build camp and startegies at start of 40k golds.. he has shoguns and anti-air units too fast.. plz help me..

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# 2Destructo Oct 24 2011, 10:15 AM
40k?! ohmy.gif

You could try getting like 3 Airfields, and just bomb him repeatedly, or go straight for Tier 3 on the War Factory.. or Century bombers.. or Tanya drops ohmy.gif

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# 3Maniek Oct 24 2011, 23:51 PM
Tech using your prospector, make all production structures next to the command hub (Rax WF, AF, naval if possible) and expand with MCV. spam

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# 4c9q9md Oct 25 2011, 20:48 PM
Actually quite easy, he get alot fast, so do you. go rax, rax, pp, rax, rax, and spam endless hit. he is simply overwhelmed.

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# 5Vertigo(TM) Nov 17 2011, 10:07 AM
yup, the empire player will mass eco cause that's what they do!

Hit them with early cryo rushes with 2 airfield and freeze his mcv

No mcv no production structures

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# 6Beckpard Nov 18 2011, 04:11 AM
Here is Allied fine solution for $40000 opening

constructures order: power—airfield—airfield—airfield, then power and refinary.
and don't forget advanced aero

once put down first airfield, click four vindicators
second airfield, click three vindicators and an apollo
third airfield, click two vindicators and two apollo

once all nine vindicators are built, go bomb empire's MCV first, remeber, nine vindicators together, 27 bombs should bring his mcv down in first attack
if you do exactly as i told you above, you can blow up his mcv at 1:30, and use 'f' to speed up your vindicators when backing home

after first attack, your three apollo should be ready, put them above empire's Mecha Bay to prevent tengus taking off
once bombs are refilled, group vindicators into 6 & 3, 6 vins go for mecha bay, 3 vins go for dojos(if there are any)
if there is more than three dojos(including), in the second attack, don't attack dojos, instead, attacking his power plant, and move your mcv into sea to prevent his infentry spam

after taking down his mecha bay, you can use you vins to blow up buildings as order as you wish
last thing that i need to remind you is that you can ignore the defending towers before you taking down his mcv, while you should clear all the defending towers with two vins once his lost the mcv and mecha bay.

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# 7Our Antwan Nov 18 2011, 15:03 PM
All stats metioned above are effective but id like to add that throwing a chronosphere into the mix never hurts tongue.gif

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# 8Technique Nov 18 2011, 17:41 PM
Tips given are pretty good, little thing i would add is a naval yard after first ref and make an extra mcv for turret/eco spam.

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# 9MoiGex Nov 20 2011, 21:39 PM
QUOTE(Technique @ Nov 18 2011, 19:41 PM) *

Tips given are pretty good, little thing i would add is a naval yard after first ref and make an extra mcv for turret/eco spam.


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# 10FFF Dec 6 2011, 05:57 AM
Gold? since when we have Gold in this game? can someone maybe explain me? I am a bit noob with that biggrin.gif

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# 11General Tang Mar 31 2012, 22:26 PM
DUH! Well, your kinda correct there.THEIRS NO GOLD! But everyone should know, the main resource is ORE!ORE!ORE!(Pronunciation: Or)*Say in Echo and in low pitch and high pitch*

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