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Battle for Middle Earth

mord vs gon - alt strat

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# 21RaGe` Apr 21 2012, 11:55 AM
It's totally clear as "flawless" already has been defined - by the Gods who developed the English language millions of years ago.
It means "without mistakes", in this special case mistakes would be build-order mistakes, micro mistakes (losing units unneccessarily), making wrong decisions, making bad predictions.

According to that "minor mistakes" would be losing 1 or 2 units, or making one wrong decision that hasn't a huge impact on the outcome of the match.

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# 22noob_saibot Apr 21 2012, 17:02 PM
well i would also agree that gondor can afford to make mistakes whereas if mordor makes a clear mistake, its often gg. especially if gondor "is allowed" to make sw

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# 23StiWie` Apr 21 2012, 18:38 PM
Ye as scop said, a "perfect" mordor shud be able to get 4+ creep, but vs a "perfect" gondor, he ill never let you creep more than 2 (?) So mordor isnt that perfect guess D:

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# 24Grishnakha Apr 21 2012, 19:41 PM
What if Mordor went fast creep and just took the lairs only, could he get more than 3 vs a 'perfect' Gondor?

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# 25general grievous^ Apr 22 2012, 14:13 PM
More likely for Mordor to get more creeps vs Gondor than Rohan. If Gondor goes 2 horses to Gtw Mordor can win as Gandy's presence doesnt end the game until the horses can enter Mordors base and do damage.

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# 26Segway Apr 22 2012, 18:44 PM
okok my post was more so for humour, but you can't deny it holds a lot of truth to it.

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# 27FlashJack May 24 2012, 12:39 PM
you are a disgrace to all gondor and mordor players, what kind of reply is that...even rage done better

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# 28 Omerta` May 24 2012, 20:56 PM
maia is fat!

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