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BSG League hosted by the ValCast

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# 1TrojanVirus Nov 25 2011, 19:56 PM
The BSG Open League

What does BSG stand for?

BSG stands for Bronze-Silver-Gold, symbolizing the range of skill levels permitted to enter the tournament.

How does the league work?

The BSG is set up in season format. Each season, a player will be in a division. Each player will face their division members in a 3-game series twice throughout 1 season, as well as a varying number of out-of-division games. The top 2 players from each division + a varying number of other players, will make up the championship bracket at the end of each season. They will be ranked within the bracket depending on league and record that season. The bracket will be a single elimination championship. The winner takes home that season's grand prize. (Not money!)

Every game is organized by the players themselves based on each player's availability. The replays are emailed in for safe-keeping, and released at the end of the season.

How can I join?

Please go the ValCast website at http://valcast.the-talk.net/ and create an account. From there, you can find the signup thread, and you will be placed in a division. We as the ValCasters have already ran a short "test" tournament which went over quite well. You will be kicked out of the league and replaced if you do not arrange your required games in each season.

Other Information

The ValCast: http://www.youtube.com/valentinoian
The ValCast Bronze Bash Tournament Results: http://challonge.com/valcast1
The ValCast Clan Information: http://valcast.the-talk.net/t4-information-and-signups

Thank you for your feedback. I look forward to seeing a bunch of new faces on the forums. We just started this thing up, so please bare with us as the forum may get frequent changes as more people sign up.

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