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# 1WasteMaLife Nov 29 2011, 00:21 AM
Tex and Holy Hammer... FUCK YEA.

QUOTE(texaneous @ Yesterday, 05:50 AM) *
Ok so first thing I want to say is that hammer won the first game against me handily and that probably has a lot to do with my having not used nids in a while. Anyway, a much better showing from me this time.

Without spoiling too much, this game really illustrates some good points/highlights:
1) chaos t1 strength/pressure/tech speed vs anything but IG
2) leveled up and incredibly tanky HT and CL are nigh impossible to deal with. (add to that they have freakin shields comin out of their asses too!)
3) vehicle snares doing damage = lol? AND zoans vs chaos = joke?
4) bloodlust isn't OP enough because frenzied genestealers almost lost in melee smile.gif
5) lots and lots of rippers

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