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Heroes of Newerth

#961 - UNGL Nations Cup - Round 1: Turkey vs Netherlands - Snooptang

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# 1Smurftang Dec 1 2011, 18:51 PM
Hello Nerdlings!

Another Nationscup game bought to you by the GLHF B team Snoopy and Smurftang.

Exciting game with interesting strats played out. Worth watching.

Feedback <3

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 2Starz0rz Dec 1 2011, 22:47 PM


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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 3iTzMatt Dec 2 2011, 01:40 AM
Good games happy.gif

My guess is smurftang is 60lbs (4.285714285716 stone) and 3 feet tall (and blue)

IPB Image

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 4iTzMatt Dec 2 2011, 01:45 AM
Also has team Canada played any games in this tournament yet ohmy.gif? Would love to see some casts of that!

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 5Smurftang Dec 2 2011, 08:19 AM
not yet Matt! I keep checking it every afew days. I'm tipping Canada for semi's at least biggrin.gif

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 6Anarkyst Dec 3 2011, 00:41 AM
Thx for the cast, there were great plays, more than you would expect actually. And fun casting by snoopy and smurftang. GLHF rulez!
I think this tournament is pretty interesting so if you can keep on casting these games it would be awesome. (want to see the french team, and i guess US and Canada teams would be nice too)

Edit : I just looked it up and Canada has a sick roster : Chu testie Tarano and paintitgold plus other known players.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 7ArchPlaya Dec 3 2011, 12:54 PM
chronos rewind makes perfect sense. You take 50% of his max hp and he heals that much per second.

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# 8kippetje Dec 5 2011, 17:22 PM
"kippetje is a great ophelia player"
.... no I'm not, I was forced to play her biggrin.gif

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# 9X-Flame Dec 8 2011, 13:12 PM
I wish I knew whether Vindi was banned in game #3.

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