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Heroes of Newerth

#962 - UNGL Nations Cup - Round 1: Russia vs Spain - Smurflet Karched.

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# 1Smurftang Dec 3 2011, 18:15 PM
Hello Nerdlings!

Smurftang is now joined by Tanglet and Super awesome special guest The_Karcher (yes, the guy who posts nonstop vods)

Fun 3way (its not gay) between Russia and Spain.

Very exciting plays, both HUGE and tiny.

Feedback <3

Game #1

Game #2

Game #3

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 2iTzMatt Dec 5 2011, 01:35 AM
Man the first 20minutes of game were so random. The weirdest Kongor fights ever.

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Game: Heroes of Newerth

# 3Marinelite Dec 6 2011, 13:44 PM
LoLQoP most recently was playing for Dirty Minds [DM] with WehSing and Era etc. They disbanded tho, with WehSing moving on to Dota2 and Era going to LION.

EDIT: Btw, Scandal is also playing for Empire in Dota2

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Game: Heroes of Newerth


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