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# 1syllable Dec 11 2011, 21:27 PM
Not that complicated of a hero, but then again, not the easiest one either.

The way to get trough early game is very easy. Either go mid with hatchet / no shield build vs a melee (or hatchet / shield vs ranged), or go hatchet / shield to the lanes.

Now in mid, you'll have to see for yourself what you do. But I didn't found him much of a mid hero. He has some harass but you can't spam it enough to deal a lot of damage. (manacosts too high, even though they're kinda low).

In the sidelane, there is no problem farming at all since: you can be ranged!

This is my standard build for every game right now:
Max what you didn't max here (W or Q)
Take R every time you can
Take stats over E

For item builds you can do it all. Everything I did kinda worked out really well.

Usually my choice of boots were steamboots, but I tried ghosts in one game (missed the fucking hotkey, pressed G for boots and it gave me a punchdagger...) and it worked really well too. This hero has imba movespeed really. Next item should be a combination of helm / nullstone, either one really. But you do need something to increase survivability.

After that I went for shieldbreaker in one game, in another I was going to get a frostwolf, just for more stats. Building tank is possible as well. Just max out your Q, and take strength from a devourer or something.

When taking agility, note: you are an agility hero yourself, you can use your own W to boost your agility and then copy it for a better effect.

Basic rules of this hero kinda are: use whichever you need: Q for taking damage, W for damaging and chasing, E for people trying to juke you and lasthits if you face 2 ranged or a big harass lane.

Some random games I played are:
72142783 (ends up being 4v5 because our magmus and 2.5 don't go together, big plays gemini in my team)
71933628 (mÍh pretty boring to watch me)
72146630 (ghost marchers)

How do you play / build him? Post here.

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# 2houseofdeath Dec 12 2011, 19:57 PM
I'll let you know when he comes off EA. post-13661-1143531603.gif

I watched part of a stream (Tralf I think) where he went solo short lane, maxes W -> Q -> E, and built a frostburn.

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# 34as Feb 19 2012, 00:10 AM
So I wonder if any has any more thoughts about Shadowblade now that he has been out for longer.

Personally I find him ok-ish. He generally doesn't require much skills and is pretty straight-forward in either of his roles, which are initiation or carrying, neither very good unfortunately. On one hand it is nice that he can fit in anywhere (especially items-wise, since there is literally nothing that won't work on him), but whatever role you decide to pursue there is always other hero that can do better. Long story short, I find him to be a great pick if you just want to casually enjoy the game rather than win tournaments.
My skill build is to max Q while getting at least 1 point in W and E. Than max W and finally E (with R whenever possible of course). Slow from Q really helps in ganks which he should be doing because I feel there is no real late game for him.
As for items, standard hatchet + shield + heal is a nice start. Always Helm of Black Legion and FrostBurn (tho I wonder about Shieldbreaker). Also for Shadowblade I would always recommend Kuldra since he has that third skill (plus the obvious reasons that Sheepstick is all around great pick), which makes me wonder, how would pure Int build work on him? That I still have to find out.

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# 4X-Flame Feb 19 2012, 11:23 AM
Ghost Marchers, HotBL, Harkons. Rape people with E.

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# 5Witchking' Feb 20 2012, 17:17 PM
Get a hellflower before or sheep, harkons when you can afford it. Definitely a good and safe way to play him.

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