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Battle for Middle Earth

Best Replays of 2011 - Nominations

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# 1Pallando Dec 22 2011, 15:03 PM
The year 2011 comes to an end - and with it another great year with The Battle for Middle-earth. There are still a lot of players around and you can still get a game quite easily despite the fact that the official servers were shut down on the 31st December 2010. All remaining players still stick to the game they love, most of which have now completed playing nearly an entire year on GameRanger.

GameReplays.org wants to remember this year and we want to end it with a community-voted Best Replay of the Year 2011 in both 1vs1 and Team Gaming. We ask for every Battle for Middle-earth player here on GameReplays to submit their personal favorite Replay of the Year 2011.

  • You may nominate one replay of the game type 1vs1 and one replay of the game type Team
  • Nominated replays must be no older than January 1st, 2011
  • Replays may be nominated until the 1st January 2012, 0:00 UTC+0
  • Each member may change his or her entry until the nomination topic is closed
Each participant may then vote for the nominated replays and decide which one should proceed into the next round. Based on the results of the first poll, the best eight replays and will proceed to the final vote. The replay that receives the most votes in this phase will be labeled the Best Replays of the Year 2011. Have a nice Christmas!

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