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# 1TheBeanz Dec 25 2011, 02:13 AM
Whats the best strategy for USA? i really like some Aod maps and make 100 panzers. A guy told me of this site and said all nice ppl excepts a few. I'm trying to play mod maps and im no good but i need help with usa instructer. whose best as usa player tht wants to teach me? im basically on a lot in the 1v1 lobby for a few hours most days.

plz respond, need help to get good.

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# 2^Russty^ Dec 25 2011, 02:21 AM
Hi. First of, Welcome to this site

Click Here for a good look at everything you need to learn about the USA faction. Game Replays is NOT a supporter of mod maps and I doubt anyone here would teach you how to master some mod maps but they would gladly help you with official maps and will be your mentor if you are willing to learn.

Highly recommend you download This set of replays which are good to learn how a expert plays USA.

Good luck and make sure you have a good read through all the USA strategies (unless you move to some other faction). smile.gif

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# 3krew Dec 25 2011, 13:08 PM
you should hang out in the 2v2 lobby cus that is where everyone and all the games are :|

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