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Battle for Middle Earth

i die after three mintues in the game

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# 1the fellowship Jan 14 2012, 23:13 PM
i have tried reinstaling the game and ccleaner but i still have the problem how can i fix the problem so i can play my game because its agervateing to play for three minutes and die with no enemies around

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# 2THORONGlL Jan 15 2012, 00:28 AM
There is a built-in anti-piracy measure of the game.
If the game detects any altered files it will self destruct all of the player's units, effectively rendering the game unplayable.
Unfortunately, it happens a lot to legitimate users such that EA posts had a solution for this problem at their official tech support page.

A quick fix for this problem is to navigate to the games installed folder and then to the support directory and to load the The Battle for Middle-earth_code.exe file.

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