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Rise of the Witch King

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# 1Excalibur Jan 16 2012, 09:29 AM
Straight to the point.

When we are trying to run a Tournament, we are expecting some interest from you. A month-long Tournament has to end in a month otherwise things get too complicated, disorganized and most importantly extremely discouraging to sign-up again on newer ones.

I send Pm to you guys just to remind you of something you should have already known. If you are not interested on the Tournaments don't sign-up or you will end up being blacklisted because you ruin the fun for those who want to play.

If a single game for an event such as a Tournament can not be played on a whole week then of course we have some activity problems which by far are not solving anything. We are a small community right now where nearly everyone knows each other. It's not that hard to contact your opponent from the very first day and get a clear date now, is it? Yes, of course unexpected things may rise but this is why you have a whole week to schedule your game.

Due to some issues with the December Tournament which has reached in mid January and yet to be completed, you are excused but things from February will be different. So please right now everyone, get your games so we can proceed on the next rounds. Those two Tournaments have to end in January.

Thank you for your attention.

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Game: Rise of the Witch King

# 2Andy San Jan 17 2012, 23:00 PM
I will play the final game vs Kaz on friday, I hope...

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Game: Rise of the Witch King


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