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Sunday Night Fights Title Fight #3: January 22nd at 8pm GMT

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# 1AmiPolizeiFunk Jan 18 2012, 19:32 PM
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Sunday Night Fights Season 3 Episode 7

Title Fight #3

SiberianPlatoon vs. DevM

Sunday, January 22nd, 8pm GMT

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Hello friends and welcome to another exciting episode of Sunday Night Fights! We're right in the middle of the Season now. This is the 3rd Title Fight out of the five that are planned. In one corner, we have the undisputed, two-time Heavyweight Champion of the World, representing the Ukraine, SiberianPlatoon. In the other corner, we have a young challenger, who displays confidence and skill beyond his years, representing Portugal, DevM. Both fighters are undefeated in previous SNF appearances.

After his Contender Bout victory over Lollypop, which was one of the quickest knock-outs we have ever seen, DevM was asked, "Do you think you have a chance against SiberianPlatoon?". His answer, simply, "Yap." When asked again, "Do you really think you can beat him?" He replied, "I know I can." Ringside experts say that this could be one of the closest fights to date. Vegas lines expect it to go the full five rounds, offering almost even odds. Bookies and runners are scrambling to fill tickets and the paparazzi are lining up to snap pics of the celebrities that are expected to attend. Joining the casting team will be the Company of Heroes and Discussion Forums legend, 12azor. This could very well be an evening of epic proportions.

Be sure to tune in to Episode #7 of Sunday Night Fights Season 3
January 22nd, 2012, at 8pm GMT

Limit 1 Entrance per Ticketholder! No passes! No rainchecks! No refunds!

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