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Sunday Night Fights S03E08: Contender Bout #5

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# 1Basilone™ Jan 25 2012, 17:31 PM
"The fight will last as long as I allow it to last, and then I will knock him out."
—Lennox Lewis

Relic Entertainment & GameReplays.org presents

Sunday Night Fights Season 3 Episode 8

Contender Bout #5

Freestyler vs. Sepha

Sunday, January 29th, 8pm GMT

IPB Image

It's official! SiberianPlatoon's cornermen have just ruled him unable to continue after three long and hard fought rounds. In fact, this may have been the longest three game series in SNF history, lasting nearly as long as the five game extravaganzas. DevM received perfect scores from all three judges, avenging his 0-3 defeat to Siberian in the Tournament XVIII Finals, and becoming our reigning Heavy Weight Champion of the World! If DevM wins the next two Title Fights, he will even surpass Siberian's fantastic run.

Who will be the next player to get a shot at the title, you may ask? This upcoming Contender Bout #5 marks the return of two old school legends, with Sepha of the UK squaring off against fellow expert, Freestyler of Germany. Sepha practically wrote the book for everything Company of Heroes related on GameReplays shortly after release, and won the first official tournament. He has also re-defined the Wehrmacht meta game, popularizing his VVSMG opening in his victory over DrHorse in Tournament XII. Freestyler was a finalist in Tournament XXI, having defeated Sepha in a controversial Semi-Finals match. Freestyler has been streaming non-stop for past few weeks on his popular twitch.tv/freestylercoh channel, so he is definitely in shape for this event. Practice makes perfect, but is practice enough to stand a chance against Sepha?

Game 3 was going be epic, until Seph unintentionally dropped. What's up with British internets, huh George, huh Joel? Seph will be looking to avenge that result this Sunday night.

IPB Image
Pez broadcasting World of Tanks on gamereplayscoh... sacrilege!

In other news, twitch.tv/GameReplaysCoH is now fully enabled, meaning you now have the option of selecting 720p or 480p as alternative transcode qualities! Joining AmiPolizeiFunk as this week's guest caster will be none other than the infamous Nosliw.

Be sure to tune in to Episode #8 of Sunday Night Fights Season 3
January 29th, 2012, at 8pm GMT

Limit 1 Entrance per Ticketholder! No passes! No rainchecks! No refunds!

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# 2Contador Jan 25 2012, 20:42 PM
An Reborn caster in every SNF IPB Image

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# 3KingDuCe Jan 25 2012, 21:39 PM
is it on that picture, sepha or freestyler?

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# 4Reaper Jan 25 2012, 22:17 PM
That's Sepha.

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# 5SanchezIR Jan 27 2012, 11:49 AM
I'm freaking looking forward to this one, though my bet goes on Sepha.

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